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Matthew Gale

- Posted on 23/05/2016 -
Expert Thai Masseur

Matthew Gale was born in Washington DC, he moved to Asia in 1989.

This will be Matthews 8th time visiting us here at Monart Destination Spa. 

Matthew is an expert thai masseur . 

When did you become aware of thai massage?

I went skiing in the mid 80’s with my brother and I dislocated both my shoulders. I didn’t have any physio during my recovery so for about 10 years I lived with frozen shoulders! I got by because the only thing I needed to do at the time was pull a net from the water, I was a crab fisherman in the bering sea at the time.

A friend of mine was working as a masseur in Thailand I went to visit her. She was studying the holistic approach to massage at the time. I decided i would try a massage, she knew i had big problems with my shoulders. After a 90 minute massage I could move my shoulders again. I had frozen shoulder for 10 years and all of a sudden I could move them again. I thought to myself there is defiantly something in this! The next day I decided i would start studying. It took me 3 weeks to become a new man. It really changed my life! 

I went to Japan for 10 years and I would come back to Shanghai every year for 6 - 8 weeks. I would study 8 hours a day. I did this for 17 years. 

I believe that Thai massage has kept me personally much healthier. 

What are the principles of thai massage? 

It’s been around for over 2,000 years. The original aspects came from monks in China & India. The monks would meditate for months on end so they would use this thai massage to open the muscles. Thai massage continues to be a major part in their life. 

Thai massage is always done on the ground - fully clothed, skin on skin does not work for this particular massage.  

We start off at the feet because this lets us work on the whole body.By starting with your feet we can push the energy back in to your body.  If there is an injury it will affect the whole body so we don’t just concentrate on one particular area I concentrate on the whole body. It works with muscle, tendon, ligament, joint it covers everything. 

What are the benefits of thai massage? 

It’s not a typical relaxing massage. It’s keeps your muscles stretched and relaxed at the same time. It’s great for circulation and it really helps to prevent injury. It helps muscles to move together and not against each other.  

What should you do after the treatment? 

Make sure you drink lots of water - you will feel great and really hydrated. The steam room & sauna is great after your massage too. The pool is nice and relaxing. It does depend on how you feel after it - you may want to just lie down and relax it depends on how it affects you. 



Matthew Gale will reside at Monart Destination Spa from June 7th to July 7th 2016.

To book call 053 9238999.