Prescriptive Pevonia Facial

- Posted on 17/02/2017 -
Pevonia Product Facial

Our Prescriptive Pevonia Facial is a very popular facial. This facial is ideal for all skin types. 


Before we begin we will make sure we have a skin consultation with you about any skin problems that you may have. 

We begin this facial with a skin cleanse. This removes any make up on the skin. We can then tone and do a deep skin cleanse. Pevonia deep cleanse use enzymes that can work up to 12 hours after they have been taken off the skin so they’re clearing out all the pores and removing all the blackheads. All Pevonia facials have a stimuli extraction in their facials so you are guaranteed a good deep cleanse. 


All the products we use are 100% natural. Even our rich moisturisers won’t block your pores! 

In this deep cleanse it has pineapple and papaya enzymes. This helps to open the pores. We can then extract any blocked pores so we can carry on with the facial. Any product we put on can penetrate right down where it needs to be. 

You skin routine at home is very important. A deep cleanse is very important to do. If you don’t deep cleanse your moisturisers and cleansers can clog your pores and they can’t do the job they need to do so we would highly recommend incorporating a deep cleanse in your skin routine. 

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